5-Star Hospital Program Methodology

The hospital program methodology is objective, with points assigned based on a care center’s commitment to implementing the APSS as well as to certain identified evidence-based processes, as described below.

We believe a culture of safety is the foundation in which all other challenge topics are built. Thus, making a commitment around Culture of Safety has the highest worth within our point system. Although the PSMF encourages hospitals to make commitments around its 18 APSS, we also ask that you continue to share initiatives or programs your hospital is working to improve regardless of their alignment with the current APSS. Patient safety topics that are independent of the APSS will still earn points towards their overall score. You will find a breakdown of our point system below.

Point System:

  • Commitment Aligned with Culture of Safety APSS: 7 points
  • Commitment Aligned with other APSS: 1 point per APSS
  • Commitment Aligned with sub APSS: 1 bonus point per sub APSS (e.g. CAUTI, SSI, VAP = 3 bonus points)
  • Other patient safety topics unaligned with PSMF APSS: 1 point

As new APSS are released by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, the point system will be updated and reflected here.

In order to receive 5-star hospital status, hospitals will need to achieve 21 points and above.

As new APSS challenges are released by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, the point system will be updated and reflected here.

We want to reward hospitals for all their hard work. With this 5-star opportunity, we believe great results will be achieved. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation will publicly recognize hospitals that have achieved the 5-star status by making commitments in alignment with all relevant APSS.

The PSMF acknowledges and values the other ratings and ranking systems that already exist, such as the ones from CMS and Leapfrog Group, and believe that this tool is an additive approach to provide the public with more information about hospitals that are committed to patient safety.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions you have regarding our process.

5-Star Hospital Program Benefits

Benefits of becoming a 5-star hospital include public recognition on the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s website. Other opportunities may include but are not limited to:

  • Press Release template available for your hospital to release
  • Marketing materials for your hospital’s website to publicize your 5-star award
  • Opportunity to share your hospital’s commitment on stage at the Patient Safety Movement’s Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The PSMF 5-star program is not an endorsement of any care center, and is not based in any way on the quality of care or outcomes achieved at a care center.  The PSMF star system merely reflects what APSS and other processes directed to patient safety that a care center has indicated it has committed to implement.  PSMF does not verify the accuracy of the indications provided by any care center.  Accordingly, the 5-star status provided on this website indicates only what the care center has stated to PSMF.