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We’ve seen other social issues grow and what this Movement is missing is public demand. You, as a concerned citizen, have the ability to make a difference by sharing our work with your friends and family to turn them into concerned citizens.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is doing amazing work, bringing together all the stakeholders in patient safety from all over the world—medical professionals, medical organizations, healthcare suppliers, legislators, patients, and their families–to make the kinds of changes needed to eliminate preventable deaths.

-Susan Lyon, Patient Advocate
Creating a safety mindset with Tony Galbo

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Healthcare has to be a learning organization… We have to do cause analysis after events and figure out what triggered them. And then how do we change it so that we don’t see this happen again? And this involves everyone… it’s getting the story and the voice of the patient and family, it’s including the healthcare workers, it’s including social sciences, human factors. That’s the only way we’re going to make healthcare safer is to have a group of people working together to improve these errors.

Carole Hemmelgarn, MS, MS, Patient Advocate