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I am a volunteer member of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation Steering Committee and have been attending PSMF events since the beginning. I have seen first-hand how they have effected change and saved lives through advocacy and education. Eliminating preventable medical error is a cause everyone can get behind, and should. PSMF is an amazing organization, dedicated to promoting best practices internationally to improve the lives of countless of patients worldwide. Together we can get to zero

-McKenna Lee, Volunteer
Our World Summit attendees were filmed and asked, "I'm ________ing ZERO." This is what our attendees had to say about our audacious goal.

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I have a great experience collaborating for two years now with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation as an Ambassador and contributor to the APSS. In my daily job as the Head of Quality Management in a regional hospital in Switzerland, I cannot emphasise more the importance of patient safety and the need of professional collaboration for the achievement of zero preventable harm in hospitals worldwide. The work that the PSMF is doing is remarkable and motivating for me for many reasons. The most important one is the need of a global patient safety community, focusing all efforts towards creating a great impact, which is exactly what PSMF is.

-Anca del Rio, Klinik Meissenberg, Zug, Switzerland