Helpful Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Hospitals

Not only are hospitals tasked with the immense responsibility to provide care during a global pandemic, with limited resources and ever-changing regulations and protocols, hospitals also must prioritize the well-being of their own team members. It is no secret that the COVID pandemic has compromised the well being of healthcare workers around the world. In the general sense, hospitals should do the following to promote healthcare worker safety and well-being: 

  1. Continue to reevaluate and monitor healthcare and safety practice. Understand that priorities may change. 
  2. Allow those on the frontline to help problem solve. Defer to expertise. Conduct rounding to aid in learning the challenges. 
  3. Offer employee assistance programs and social work/behavioral health assistance if needed to keep the employees motivated and engaged.
  4. Establish a debriefing protocol.
  5. Incorporate resiliency training.
  6. Do not tolerate retaliation behavior. 
  7. Maintain an open door policy.
  8. Ensure staff are taking breaks.
  9. Clearly define roles and responsibilities.
  10. Establish systems of accountability for both healthcare workers and patients and visitors. 
  11. Reduce redundancies in the workflow. 
  12. Make it easy for your frontline to know what to do.