Benefits of Family Engagement by Martin Hatlie

Letter from the Chairman, October 2018

Dear Readers,

Our Spotlight this month is on person and family engagement (PFE). This month we’re turning upside down our “Spotlight” and featuring a video instead of a blog post. We are highlighting Martin J. Hatlie from MedStar Health who shares with us his perspective as a leader in PFE, nationally. Marty talks about how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) invested in it early on. Now, the data shows that when you engage patients and families, it leads to a reduction in falls and readmissions. So, watch the video this month to learn more about the FIVE STEPS you can take to improve PFE within your organization.

To learn more about the PFE Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) that Marty and his co-chair Vonda Vaden Bates lead, click here. Please download and implement it today to save lives tomorrow.

As we head into the fall, remember that if you have not taken action, now is the time. You can make a difference by helping to advance patient safety whether you work in a hospital, medical technology company, or a patient or family member. Get involved and help us move closer to ZERO preventable deaths. If you have questions about how you can partner, please reach out to Sarah Miller who can help identify how your organization can get involved.

Joe Kiani
Founder and Chairman
Patient Safety Movement Foundation