Letter from the Chairman, January 2020

Dear PatientAiders,

Welcome to 2020. I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year. Each January, many of us make resolutions that we try to live up to over the next 12 months. As you commit to new resolutions, I encourage you to make a commitment to implement all of the PSMF Actionable Patient Safety Solutions. You can’t just hope to achieve ZERO preventable deaths, you must plan to do it.  Without implementing the evidence-based practices in our hospitals, we will continue to cause unnecessary medical harm and death – and it’s time that we start to save lives instead. It’s the right thing to do and I believe together, we can do it.

I also hope you’ll be joining me at the 2020 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit, March 6-7 in Huntington Beach, CA. Come and be part of the action-oriented group that has saved over 300,000 lives to date. If you haven’t registered yet, go here. This is another opportunity to find out more about our APSS to help you save lives.

I also want to announce a new initiative at the Patient Safety Movement.  To help those who have experienced medical harm, we’ve just launched a resource guide,, to help patients and advocates navigate what can sometimes be a challenging process. The intent is to build a community of support and resources around those who have suffered preventable harm at hospitals. We know this can be a difficult time and the site provides several tips, as well as a series of questions, to assist you in finding a resolution.

New Newsletter Format

We know you’re busy and don’t always have time to read our entire newsletter when it arrives in your email box. So you’re able to easily read our articles and do the important work you do, beginning this month, we’ll deliver articles individually to you during the month. Keep an eye peeled.

It’s the start to a new year, one in which my plans include driving significant progress in achieving ZERO preventable deaths. Please have the courage to join me.

Joe Kiani