Letter from the Chairman, March 2019

Dear Readers,

This month’s spotlight is about UCI Health’s and how they reduced their Central line-associated bloodstream infections. UCI Health is one of 4 hospitals which has become a 5-Star Hospital by implementing 16 of the Patient Safety Movement’s Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). Their Chief Medical Officer Dr. William C. Wilson was awarded our 2018 Steven Moreau Humanitarian award for his leadership.

We also feature a blog article written by Kevin McQueen, Director of Respiratory Care & Sleep Diagnostics at the University of Colorado Health in Colorado Springs. He shares his experience introducing patient stories to eliminate preventable patient deaths when he was at Tri-City Medical Center. Tri-City’s NICU unit has celebrated over six years straight free of central-line associated blood stream infections. They also saw a tremendous reduction in their falls.

We are excited to announce the date and location of our Midyear Planning Meeting. It will be held at UCI Health on September 17, 2019. Please save the date and watch for more information here.

There is just 9 months left to 2020 and we need your help in making sure every hospital implements every APSS. We know it’s possible because 4 hospitals have already done it. If you have already implemented a few of our APSS and would like to move forward with the rest but don’t know where to start, please let us know and we can help guide you. Together, we can eliminate preventable patient deaths in hospitals.

Joe Kiani
Founder and Chairman
Patient Safety Movement