Medtronic Signs the “Open Data Pledge” to Share Data to Improve Patient Safety

Medtronic Commits $5 Million to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation

IRVINE, Calif.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) today  announced  that Medtronic, a leading global healthcare solutions company, has joined a growing list of healthcare technology companies that have signed the Patient Safety Movement’s public pledge to share their data to promote patient safety.  In addition, Medtronic committed $5 Million to the PSMF over a five-year period, and Medtronic’s CEO, Omar Ishrak, will join Patient Safety Movement’s Board of Directors.

By signing this Open Data Pledge, Medtronic pledges to allow access to all available acute clinical data generated by their products used in hospitals and in outpatient practice settings to interested parties that want to use them to help minimize preventable patient complications and death. When companies share the data of their products, it provides researchers and entrepreneurs with critical information to develop and accelerate solutions to improve patient care.  This information includes predictive algorithms that can notify clinicians and patients of possible dangerous trends – allowing for intervention earlier.

“At Medtronic, we’re committed to improving the lives of people through our medical technologies and services. Joining the Patient Safety Movement is a natural fit,” said Omar Ishrak, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medtronic plc. “We are very impressed by the progress the Patient Safety Movement has made in focusing the healthcare industry on eliminating preventable deaths. To get to zero preventable deaths, all parties will have to work together. Our pledge is to work closely with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and share our data to help eliminate preventable deaths.”

“We are very happy to have Medtronic join the Patient Safety Movement. Medtronic has a rich history in making technologies that improve patient care, with products throughout hospitals, that will now be able to feed data into each Patient’s Data Superhighway for the benefit of each patient,” said Joe Kiani, Founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. “We are equally excited to have Omar join our Board. Omar is a visionary leader, and we know he will be a valued member of our Board,” continued Joe Kiani.  “Medtronic’s pledge and grant will greatly help us achieve our goal of zero preventable deaths by 2020. We are now a giant step closer to creating the Patient Data Superhighway that will significantly improve patient safety. Data sharing is an inevitable part of the science and business of medical innovation. It is the right thing to do, and visionary companies are beginning to realize how important it is to share data. We commend Medtronic for putting patient safety first and joining us to eliminate preventable deaths in hospitals.”

Patient Safety Movement is a commitment-based organization that asks hospitals to implement processes to avoid human errors becoming fatal and asks healthcare technology companies to share the data their products are purchased for, without disclosing their proprietary algorithms or protected data and subject to applicable patient privacy laws. Companies can make their pledge online at To date, the following 63 companies have pledged to share their data:

  • Admetsys
  • Airstrip
  • ATL Technology, LLC
  • BD Intelliport
  • Bernoulli Health
  • BrainStem Biometrics
  • Cercacor
  • Cerner
  • Certa Dose
  • Codonics
  • CorCardia Group Inc.
  • CRG Medical
  • CrossChx
  • DebMed
  • Deltex
  • Dräger
  • Dynalabs
  • EarlySense
  • eBroselow, LLC
  • ExCor Technologies, LLC
  • GE Healthcare
  • Healthcentrix
  • HeartIn
  • Hyginex
  • IBM Watson Health
  • ICUcare LLC
  • Innara Health
  • IRadimed
  • KnectlQ Inc.
  • Kolkin Corp
  • LiDCO Group
  • LumiraDx
  • Masimo
  • Medical Intelligence
  • Medical Simulation
  • Medtronic
  • Modulated Imaging
  • Monarch Medical
  • NeurOptics
  • NGPod Global
  • Oracle
  • Patient Valet
  • PerceptiMed
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Predixion
  • Rapid Healthcare
  • RGP Healthcare
  • RightPatient
  • S.E.A. Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Securisyn Medical
  • Smiths Medical
  • SonoSite Inc.
  • Sotera Wireless
  • STANLEY Healthcare
  • Stibo Systems
  • SurgiCount Medical, Inc.
  • Talis Clinical
  • The SafeCare Group
  • True Process
  • Welch Allyn
  • Zoex
  • Zoll Medical

About The Patient Safety Movement Foundation

More than 200,000 people die every year in U.S. hospitals in ways that could have been prevented. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation was established through the support of the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare, to reduce that number of preventable deaths to 0 by 2020 (0x2020). Improving patient safety will require a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, medical technology companies, government, employers, and private payors. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation works with all stakeholders to address the problems and solutions of patient safety. The Foundation also convenes Patient Safety, Science and Technology summits. The first annual Summit was held in January 2013 and brought together some of our nation’s best minds for thought-provoking discussions and new ideas to challenge the status quo. By presenting specific, high-impact Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) to meet patient safety challenges, encouraging medical technology companies to share the data for whom their products are purchased, and asking hospitals to make commitments to implement processes such as APSS, the Foundation is working toward zero preventable deaths by 2020. Visit

About Medtronic

Medtronic plc (, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is among the world’s largest medical technology, services and solutions companies – alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people around the world. Medtronic employs more than 88,000 people worldwide, serving physicians, hospitals and patients in approximately 160 countries. The company is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to take healthcare Further, Together.

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