Patient Safety Movement Foundation Announces Innovation Contest to Help Eradicate Preventable Patient Deaths

Irvine, CA

Patient Safety Movement Foundation founder Joe Kiani called on attendees at this year’s C2 Montréal (Commerce + Creativity) international conference in Montreal, Canada, and concerned advocates around the world to take part in a new innovation contest to help eradicate preventable patient deaths.

Speaking to more than 1,400 attendees at C2, which runs through Thursday, Kiani said the Patient Safety Movement is awarding three prizes for process or product innovations that will make significant strides toward eliminating preventable deaths in U.S. hospitals.

1st Prize: $50,000
2nd Prize: $25,000
3rd Prize: $10,000

Winners will be given stage time at the 2016 Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

To enter, visit

“While we have processes and products today that save lives from preventable errors in hospitals, we hope that new innovative ideas will be generated by people around the world to improve the processes and products that can eliminate all preventable deaths in hospitals,” Kiani said. “Our mission of zero preventable deaths by 2020 is achievable if everyone decides to get involved and lead.”

C2 Montréal is an immersive event that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity, and its potential to redefine business. Kiani announced the new innovation contest while interviewed on stage at C2 by Bloomberg Media Group’s Ramy Inocencio.


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