Patient Safety Movement Foundation Announces the Winners of the 2015 Humanitarian Award

Irvine, California

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation announced the 2015 winners of the Humanitarian Awards at the 2016 Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit on January 23, 2016 in Dana Point, California. A video of the award ceremony can be found on This year, the awards were presented to (alphabetical order):

  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Patient Safety Advocate, Alicia Cole
  • President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden
  • Professor Kai Zacharowski

“The Humanitarian Award honors those who have truly led and made significant progress in eliminating preventable patient deaths,” stated Joe Kiani, Founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. “We are so grateful for the work that they have done and continue to do in the area of patient safety.  They are truly helping humanity.”

Senator Barbara Boxer is a forceful advocate for families, children, consumers, the environment and her State of California. She is a strong proponent of life-saving medical research and wrote bipartisan legislation to accelerate America’s contribution to combat global HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Since becoming aware of the number of preventable deaths in the US, Senator Boxer has been a strong champion of patient safety.  In 2014, Senator Boxer wrote to 283 California acute care hospitals asking them to respond with the actions they are taking to reduce the most common medical errors, leading to the first publication of this report in April of 2014. Senator Boxer visited multiple hospitals in California to bring attention to patient safety and the work that must be done to eliminate preventable deaths.  To date, more than 90% of hospitals have responded to her inquiry and Senator Boxer continues to champion zero preventable deaths in hospitals.

Alicia Cole is a survivor of multiple Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs). She is an incredible patient advocate who shares her story with healthcare professionals, legislators and medical students across the country. Alicia collaborates regularly with numerous patient safety organizations including the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to help eliminate harm from preventable hospital acquired infections.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Alliance for Safety Awareness for Patients (ASAP), an organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of the epidemic of hospital acquired infections, mentoring new patient advocates and counseling with other Survivors of Necrotizing Fasciitis and other medical harm.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were honored for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Acts (ACA).  Not only has their work allowed more people to have access to healthcare, but through the new payment incentives, over 50,000 lives have been saved.

Professor Kai D. Zacharowski, MD, PhD, FRCA holds the position of the Ordinarius and is the Director of the Department of Anesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy at the University Hospital Frankfurt. His latest hypothesis and research on blood management which was presented for the first time at the World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit, promises to save countless lives, and reduce costs.  The innovative model to reduce pre-opertive anemia is focused on three core concepts: identifying patients at risk for needing transfusion, increasing their hemoglobin level before surgery, minimizing the risk of hitting levels that require blood transfusions. He also released the findings of this groundbreaking study demonstrated up to 20% reduction in red blood cell transfusion, risk of acute kidney injury, and overall costs, without any negative impact to patient safety. The study is pending peer review.

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