Patient Safety Movement Foundation Launches ifyouvebeenharmed Website

Irvine, CA

Now there’s a website for patients and families that have experienced harm from medical errors: Launched by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF), the site provides resources and tips to support patients and families in helping them navigate the often-challenging healthcare system and its processes.

“When preventable harm happens, patients and their families are often unsure about what to do or where to go for support and information,” said Dr. David Mayer, PSMF CEO. “This new website, created with guidance from patient advocates and healthcare professionals, connect patients and families with resources and support organizations that can help them during this very difficult time.”

The new site includes a list of support organizations, shares how patients could take action if they have been harmed, and a flow chart to help patients find their way to the right person with whom to discuss their concerns.

If your organization offers voluntary assistance to patients and families that experience preventable medical harm and want to be included in this list, contact PSMF at [email protected]. PSMF also offers the opportunity for patients to share their stories with others which helps individuals, as well as other patients, heal.

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