Report from the Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit: More Commitments Made, More Lives Saved

Two New APSS and Entire 2015 Summit Agenda Available on

Irvine, CA

The 3rd annual Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit concluded with 500 more hospitals and more than a dozen medical technology companies joining the Patient Safety Movement committing to zero preventable patient deaths by 2020.

Joe Kiani, founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, announced that ‘One Plus 6,411’ lives have been saved since hospitals began implementing a series of Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) – measurable procedures such as greater attention to hand washing, early detection of sepsis and reduction of medication errors that lead to saved lives.

“We express the lives saved as ‘one plus 6,411’ to drive home the point that life is precious and that even one life lost is one too many,” Kiani said. “We want to thank everyone for joining us for the 2015 Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.Your contributions made this the most impactful summit yet! Together, with all of us setting aside differences, we can reach the goal of ZERO preventable patient deaths by 2020.”

The Patient Safety Movement has posted all of the videos from the summit including the panels, keynote addresses from former President Clinton and Vice President Biden, as well as evening entertainment programs. All content can be accessed at

Also, the two new APSS – Sepsis and Optimal Resuscitation – have been added to the Patient Safety Movement website.The Patient Safety Movement has made this content freely available and stakeholders are urged to share it with their networks to challenge others to commit to making ZERO preventable deaths by 2020 a reality. Patient and Family advocates are also encouraged to share their own stories at so that they may be featured online or during the 2016 Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

Throughout the year, the Patient Safety Movement will be compiling commitments from hospitals as they implement APSS and pledges from medical technology companies to share their HIPAA-compliant data to improve patient safety. The results of these commitments and pledges, including the numbers of lives saved, will be showcased at the 4th annual Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit with the help from EY.

“Let’s continue the momentum of the summit by getting your organization more involved!” Kiani said. “If you’re from a hospital, make a commitment to action and ask your colleagues to commit to zero preventable deaths. If you are a med tech company, take the pledge to share your data. We invite everyone to join our grassroots effort, so can we document the impactful patient stories that are driving our shared cause forward.”

“Thank you again for participating in the summit and for our generation’s call to action for ZERO preventable deaths by 2020!”

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