Spotlight On: PSMF Hospital Mentor Program

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation officially launched its new Hospital Mentor Program at the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in January when 14 doctors from the Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club visited UCI Health in Orange, California. The Hospital Mentor Program connects hospitals from around the world to PSMF’s network of five-star medical facilities, providing them opportunities to “mentor” one another in proven patient safety processes. UCI Health is the first academic medical center to gain points to become a five-star hospital. UCI Health has made 30 commitments around the PSMF’s Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS).

The group of Taiwanese doctors was led by Dr. Chan Liao Mingi, a PSMF Regional Network Chair and founder of Taiwan’s preeminent patient safety organization, the Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club. They were greeted by Dr. William Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, and Pat Patton, Chief Nursing Officer, at UCI Health. The day-long visit consisted of a series of lectures on patient safety and quality lessons Dr. Wilson and his staff had learned on their road to becoming a five-star hospital. Keynote presentations were followed up with questions and conversations. Afterwards, the Taiwanese doctors were given a chance to further review UCI Health’s initiatives to implement its commitments to the PSMF, particularly in the area of healthcare-associated infections, and to tour the hospital’s facilities.

“It was my pleasure to welcome Dr. Chan Liao and the 13 Taiwanese hospital representatives to spend a day at our hospital,” said Dr. Wilson of UCI Health. “Dr. Liao’s team was very engaged and reported keen interest in incorporating many of our practices in their own hospitals. The information exchange was bidirectional, as we too learned a number of lessons from the Taiwanese delegation. As a five-star hospital within the Patient Safety Movement’s network, we are truly honored to share this experience. Our team fully believes ZERO is possible.”

“The hospital tour was an eye-opener for many of us,” said Dr. Liao, founder of the Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club. “We are very appreciative of the friendly staff from the PSMF who accompanied us and of the kind and considerate staff at UCI Health who took time from their busy schedules to give us a tour of their facilities. We were particularly impressed with the facility and their insights into how their team accomplished the five-star ranking status as part of the journey toward high reliability. The information they presented to us was very helpful. UCI has truly set a benchmark for how other committed hospitals can work toward planning for zero.”

How the Hospital Mentor Program Works

Any low- to middle-resource hospital interested in joining the Hospital Mentor Program (Hospital A) can initiate the process by identifying a high-resource hospital within the PSMF’s network that they would like to be matched with (Hospital B). Once the requested Hospital B agrees to the match, the PSMF will schedule a conference call with hospital executives from both facilities to determine which areas of patient safety Hospital A is looking to improve.

Hospital B’s executive leadership then prioritizes the challenges their hospital would like to focus on in alignment with the PSMF’s 18 overarching patient safety challenges and Actionable Patient Safety Solutions. Three consecutive video or conference calls will be scheduled, depending on the need and availability, to hone in on each patient safety priority, with input from key hospital stakeholders (e.g., unit directors, nursing management, pharmacy, etc.).

After both parties meet by video and/or conference call to create an action plan, an in-person meeting will be scheduled for both hospitals to visit and discuss implementation. If time allows, both parties may schedule a tour of Hospital B to walk through successful patient safety processes already in place. Once this stage of the mentoring is complete, the PSMF will interview the leadership of both hospitals to share the learnings with our network.

For questions about the program or to participate, please contact Sarah Miller, Partnerships Manager.