The International Society for Quality in Health Care Partners with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to Achieve Zero Preventable Deaths in Hospitals

Irvine, CA & Dublin, Ireland

The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) is pleased to announce their support of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) and their mission to eliminate preventable deaths in hospitals, with a signed cooperation agreement.

With this agreement, ISQua and PSMF agree to work together to further their aims to improve quality and safety in healthcare and eliminate preventable patient deaths. The partnership will provide synergy so that our missions can be amplified.

ISQua and PSMF will work together to identify common projects in the field of patient safety and promote each other’s activities on an ongoing basis. ISQua and PSMF will hold joint sessions at their respective conferences, at ISQua’s 36th International Conference (20th – 23rd October 2019) in Cape Town, South Africa; and PSMF’s 8th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in 2020.

“ISQua has been a global leader in elevating safe, high quality healthcare for many years. We are excited to partner with them in working towards our common goals,” stated David Mayer, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Patient Safety Movement Foundation. “We feel strong collaborations like this one will help us accelerate the progress we are making towards zero preventable deaths in hospitals and save lives around the world.”

For over 30 years, ISQua has worked to improve the quality and safety of health care worldwide. ISQua’s networks connect health professionals across all six continents. The organization aims to achieve their goal through education, knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems worldwide and connecting like-minded people through their health care networks.

“Patient Safety is at the core of our work at ISQua. We believe that by working together we can reach the zero target quicker. We are pleased to join with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to spread the interventions that are key for reaching Zero. The energy we can bring together will make a difference. We should all aim for Zero,” says Peter Lachman, MD, MPH, MBCh, FRCPCH, FCP (SA), FRCPI, Chief Executive Officer of ISQua.


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