Patient Safety

Patient Safety Affects All Patients in Every Care Setting Globally

3 Million Die, Many Millions More are Harmed

We ignite action through storytelling

Patient safety is not a new term in the medical field, but it is for the public. 

Over the years we’ve listened to the heart-wrenching stories told by countless patients harmed unnecessarily due to unsafe care. Family members have shared harrowing stories about their loved ones dying. They thought they were alone; they thought medical errors were rare.

We give a voice to anyone who has experienced preventable harm or death due to unsafe medical care. Storytelling is often a way for them to heal and ensure “this doesn’t happen to any other family.”

This page helps break down what you need to know and bring the human element into the vision and mission of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.


The Facts

Learn about the challenge the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is trying to solve.

Patient Stories

We believe in using storytelling to drive change. We hope to touch your heart and fuel action.

Health Worker Stories

Brave health workers share their stories as well. They too are affected by unsafe care.

Patient Safety Advocates

Learn about the advocates that work closely with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and why they spend their time working with us.

Memorials and Tributes

Pay tribute to someone you know who has been affected by unsafe care.


We have a robust collection of patient safety-related statistics with full citations.

Historical Timeline

We have put together a timeline of patient safety events from the 1800s to present day.

Victims of Unsafe Care

We’ve collated a number of stories representing public figures who have been affected by unsafe care.

Follow Our Progress

Stay up-to-date on all things Patient Safety and receive useful information and progress updates on the positive strides we are taking to eliminate preventable patient deaths.