Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)

11B Safer Airway Management in Neonates and Pediatric Populations

Airway safety in neonates and children refers to the management and monitoring of the respiratory tract (i.e. mouth, nose, lungs) to ensure air is properly transported to the lungs avoiding any complications that may arise, such as the need for intubation (placing a tube down the trachea) or unplanned extubation (the tube being dislodged from the trachea before it is ready to be removed).

Our APSS outline actionable steps healthcare organizations should take to successfully implement and sustain behavior change for high reliability, shared understanding, thorough communication, and meaningful person-centered care across the organization.

Actionable steps include:

  • Executive Summary Checklist
  • Leadership checklist guide to determine whether current evidence-based guidelines are being followed in your organization
  • Performance improvement plan to follow if improvements are necessary
  • Clinical workflow for preoccupation with workflow for areas of improvement
  • How to educate patients and family members about the significance of their role throughout the continuum
  • Guidance on how to measure outcomes

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