Allen Kachalia, MD, JD

Senior Vice President, Patient Safety and Quality

Johns Hopkins Medicine Director, Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and Quality

Allen Kachalia, MD, JD, is the Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.  In his operations role, he oversees patient safety, quality, patient experience outcomes across the continuum of care for the John Hopkins Medicine enterprise.  He is also the Director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, which is focused on improving healthcare for patients around the world through scientific research, innovation, policy advocacy, and education in safety and quality.  Allen is an Associate Professor of Medicine and holds the C. Michael and S. Anne Armstrong Professorship in Patient Safety and Quality at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where his own research focuses on how the law affects medical care, and in particular how liability system reform and the disclosure of medical error relate to the safety and quality of healthcare.  Allen is clinically active as a general internist, practicing as an academic hospitalist on the hospital wards with medical students and residents.