Anne de-Wahl Granelli, PhD

Biomedical Scientist, RDCS(PE)

Dr. Anne de-Wahl Granelli is a specialized biomedical scientist and she worked at the department of Pediatric Cardiology at the Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Gothenburg 1994-2012. She worked as a pediatric echocardiography technologist at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada 1996-1997, and was the first in Sweden to become a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer specialized in Pediatric Echocardiography 1997. Working in one of the two centers performing pediatric cardiac surgery in Sweden, a part of her job included educating physicians from referring regions in pediatric echocardiography. During her years of research about newborn screening for critical CHD with pulse oximetry, she became a frequent presenter at national, Nordic and European pediatric cardiology meetings. She was awarded for best poster presentations from the Swedish Society of Medicine (2003 and 2008) and for best oral presentation by the Swedish Perinatology Society in 2007.

Dr. de-Wahl Granelli’s thesis “Pulse oximetry: evaluation of a potential tool for early detection of critical congenital heart disease” was awarded “Best thesis 2009 from the Institution for Clinical Sciences”, The Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University 2010.

She has been invited by the World Heart Federation at the World Congress of Cardiology, Beijing, China 2010. In 2011 Dr. Granelli was invited as an international expert by the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children in Washington DC (the equivalent to the Ministry of Health in many countries). The American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology Foundation and American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed the report “Strategies for Implementing Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease” published in Pediatrics, with the screening protocol used in Dr. de-Wahl Granelli’s thesis. On 21 September 2011, the US Secretary of Health recommended to add pulse oximetry screening to the mandated newborn screening tests in USA.

In March 2012 she joined the Advisory Board the worlds largest multi-center screening study in Shanghai led by Prof. Huang, president of Fudan University and met with the Vice President of Shanghai Bureau of Health.

Dr. de-Wahl Granelli was also invited to speak with WHO & UNICEF regarding development of a protocol to introduce CCHD screening in various countries, both developed and developing, in partnership with UNICEF and Ministries of Health. She is also collaborating with the Newborn Coalition and Children’’s Heart Link to aid screening programs in China and India.

Dr. de-Wahl Granelli has been invited to over 60 cities in 25 different countries in Europe, South America, USA, South Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India and China). She has shared her research with the Vietnam Vice Minister of Health Prof Tien in Hanoi in 2011, the Swedish Minister of Health Goran Hagglund in New Delhi 2012 and the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton in California 2013.