Dr. Annegret Hannawa, PhD

Associate Professor, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)

Annegret F. Hannawa, Ph.D. is tenured Associate Professor of Health Communication at the Università della Svizzera italiana, where she directs the Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety (CAHQS). She also serves as Associate Faculty at the Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health and as Honorary Research Associate at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine (UK). Prof. Hannawa founded and presides the ISCOME Global Institute for the Advancement of Communication Science in Healthcare, which enables interdisciplinary research collaborations between leading scholars in communication science and healthcare to enhance safe practice across the globe. Prof. Hannawa’s research focuses on the role of interpersonal communication in optimizing the safety & quality of care. Her research has been published in a variety of distinguished journals and recognized with numerous international awards. Most recently, she received the Jozien Bensing Research Award (2016) for outstanding career achievements and impact. Her book “Communication Competence” received a competitive “Book-of-the-Year” award by the National Communication Association (NCA). Several of her empirical investigations received “Top Paper Awards” by the NCA and the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation. In 2017, she published the case studies book “New horizons for Patient Safety: Understanding Communication” to translate her “SACCIA Safe Communication” competencies for medicine & nursing.