Deborah DiSanzo, MBA

General Manager, IBM Watson Health

Deborah DiSanzo is the General Manager for IBM Watson Health, the business unit founded to achieve IBMs next ‘moonshot’: to advance health at a global scale. She leads more than 2,000 IBMers worldwide from the unit’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Deborah has a distinguished career working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Prior to joining IBM, she was CEO of Philips Healthcare, a $10 billion euro healthcare technology company. Previously, she held management roles at Hewlett-Packard and Apollo Computer. Deborah is a dedicated community leader, working on domestic and global programs with organizations including the World Economic Forum, Project Hope, and the American Heart Association. Deborah earned an MBA from Babson College and a BS from Merrimack College.

Follow her on Twitter @DeborahDiSanzo