Deborah A. Pasko, PharmD, MHA

Director of Medication Safety and Quality, American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Dr. Pasko has been involved in medication safety since becoming a clinical pharmacy specialist in 2003. She chaired the Pediatric Medication Safety committee at the University of Michigan from 2009-2014 and was also a voting member of the Adult Medication Safety committee during the same time frame. She has been a clinical pharmacy specialist specializing in pediatrics and critical care since 2003. Her expertise includes being a project manager and large project coordination over clinical, operational, and technology initiatives. Dr. Pasko was also an intermittent consultant for almost 2 years with the medication safety team at the Joint Commission and she understands rules and regulations within hospital systems. She received LEAN training and certification through the University of Michigan and acts as a LEAN coach at ASHP and previously at UMHS and JC. Her current work at ASHP includes lead pharmacist for Antimicrobial Resistance, Opioid Use/Misuse/Abuse, IV and Oral Liquid Standardization, Medical Marijuana, and other safety and public health initiatives.