Javier T. Davila, OMFS

Ambassador, PSMF in Mexico

Former Medical Director, Mexican Social Security Institute

Head of Medical Education, Research and Health Public Policy

Dr Davila became to be Regional Network Chair PSMF in Mexico since 2016. Promoting culture of safety and affiliation of many prestigious hospitals private and public, and establishing a close relationship with Institutions of Federal Government and Healthcare and Academic Organizations like Academy of Surgery, Mr. Carlos Slim Foundation, Faculty of Medicine of National University of Mexico etc.. In 2017 he asked with sponsors for financial support inviting Mexican Delegation coming to PSMF Summit with 20 colleagues, physicians and CEO´s of different Hospitals as well in London Summit with 14 colleagues and also in 2019 with 7 colleagues, one of them of the new Mexican Federal Government. He has visiting around the Mexican Republic Managers, CEO´s, Physicians, Nurses and multidisciplinary team in Healthcare Services, Secretaries of Health and also Governors of some States promoting PSMF and making Commitments and Affiliations. Also he has participations in different International Conferences like Chile, Colombia, Brasil, Dubai etc…promoting PSMF and joining efforts in Mexico with Federal Government Authorities including the current administration started last December.

Nomination as Member of the new Scientific and Diplomatic Council for Research, Innovation and Technology of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Federal Government.

Between December 2012 to October 2015 became to be Medical Director of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) ; That is a huge Institution in Healthcare Services in Mexico with approximately   2000 Medical Units since first level to High Speciality, 73,000 Physicians, 119,000 Nurses. Their projects and programmes were in that time linked to improve a better quality of medical services supporting healthy financial status of the Institution, continuing medical education and academic interchanging with prestigious national and international Institutions, special emphasis in certification of medical units. Before in IMSS between 2007/2010 became to be Head of Medical Education, Research and Health Public Policy’s.

He joined at the Mexican Academy of Surgery in 2015, coming as Member of Executive Committee (2017/2018-2018/2020).

Advisor of Ex Secretary of Health Dr. Julio Frenk. (2005/2006).( Dr. Frenk has been changed the Law in order to create Social and Health Protection Commission; Former Dean of Public Health School in Harvard, and Current President of the University of Miami). Also Dr. Davila has been Private Chair Staff Office Ex Secretary of Health Dr. Jose Angel Cordova (2011).( Dr. Cordova was Secretary when Flu Pandemia started in México in 2009.).

At Social Security and Social Services for Federal Employees in Mexico (ISSSTE), got his training in Craniomaxillofaciall Surgery with specific procedures in Congenital Deformities and Facial Trauma; publishing as coauthor the Chapter “Oblique Modified Lefort III Osteotomy” at Modern Practice in Orthognatic and Reconstructive Surgery with Dr. Willian H. Bell prestigious Surgeon.; in his training he got rotation in Boston University, visit as speaker and surgical procedures in Parkland with Profr. William H. Bell and Robert V. Walker, in Gottingen, Germany with Profr. Hans Luhr; Cambridge, France, Spain, Southampton, Israel, Japan, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panamá, Uruguay. In the 90´s President of Mexican Association and College of Maxillofacial Surgery, and fellow of The International Association of this specialty and former member of two committees at the Executive Committees.

In 80´s and 90´s in ISSSTE his background also was as Head Department in his specialty, Head of Medical Education and Research in one of the most important Hospitals, Medical Director of two Hospital. In 2000/2005 Regulation Healthcare Services Chair, Prevention and Healthcare Promoting Services Chair and other professional and academic activities.