Wilhemina S. Jallah, MD, MPH, CHES, FLCP, FWACP

Minister of Health of the Republic of Liberia

Honorable Dr. Wilhemina S. Jallah serves as the Minister of Health of the Republic of Liberia. She is a dedicated and patriotic Medical Doctor with over 25 years of national and international work experience in clinical services and public health management.

Prior to becoming Minister of Health in March 2018, Dr. Jallah served as the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and the Medical Director for six years (2012-2018) at the Hope for Women International Medical Center Liberia, Inc. During her tenure at the Hope for Women Medical Center, Dr. Jallah and the staff of Hope for Women provided health services to over 50,000 patients which include services to pregnant women, children, and men. During the unprecedented Ebola crisis in Liberia, the Hope for Women Medical center was one of the few privately owned medical centers that remained opened and continued to provide services to the public.

Over the past decade, Dr. Jallah also dedicated five years of service to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Liberia where she served as Acting Head and Educator for the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department. She also served as the Director for the Gynecological Cancer Program at JFK Hospital.

As the new Minister of Health for the newly elected Pro-poor Government, Dr. Wilhemina S. Jallah’s vision and mission is to transform health care delivery through hard work, transparency, accountability, and good governance. Her goal is to strengthen donor-partner relationship and to build a resilient healthcare system that is accessible and affordable so that everyone receives the requisite health services without being turned away.  The Health Minister’s overall objective is to ensure that health services in Liberia falls in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Jallah is a Fellow of the Liberia College of Physicians and also a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians.