Irina Papieva, MD, MPH

Technical Officer, Patient Safety Flagship, WHO Headquarters

Dr Irina Papieva works in WHO for 15 years, currently in the Patient Safety Flagship in WHO Headquarters. She is a Medical Doctor, with specialization in Allergy and Immunology, holding Master of Public Health Degree. She started her career as a clinical doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in her home country – Armenia. The realization of the fact that being a good and compassionate doctor is not enough to ensure people receive safe and effective care that meets their needs and expectations prompted her to turn to public health and continue her career focusing on health system strengthening. Combination of medical background and public health expertise enabled her to guide the development and implementation of national policies and strategies in WHO Member States in European and South-East Asian Regions.

Since 2014, Dr Irina works in the area of patient safety and quality of care, contributing to broader service delivery initiatives within the context of universal health coverage. She currently coordinates a number of patient safety initiatives, including Global Patient Safety Collaborative, research and leadership for patient safety as well as patient safety education and training, working closely with WHO Member States, WHO regional and country offices, WHO collaborating centers, academic and research institutions, patient organizations and other key partners at global and regional level. She is proud to be at the heart of a landmark period for patient safety movement, with true renaissance of a foundational principle of health care system “Primum non nocere” and establishment of the strong prerequisites to progress towards eliminating avoidable harm in health care.