Jim Bialick

Immediate Past President, Patient Safety Movement

Jim Bialick is a known expert on health information technology policy, the regulation of emerging health technologies, and public health system design. He has a keen interest in the overall modernization of healthcare and works with stakeholders to develop new and innovative methods to personalize the care experience in a way that will lead to the sustainable improvement of health systems, make healthcare safer, and reduce costs. Previous to joining the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, Jim was the co-founder and former Executive Director of the Newborn Foundation and the Newborn Coalition, two action-based non-profit organizations focused on education and advocacy to improve maternal and child health domestically and internationally.

In his role with the Newborn Foundation, Jim has secured international funding for two major population health screening programs and was a key architect in the world’s largest pulse oximetry screening pilot program, targeting congenital heart disease neonatal sepsis, and neonatal pneumonia; the program is currently under way across six provinces in China.

As Executive Director of the Newborn Coalition, Jim has played a leading role in the drafting, development, or passage of thirty-three state laws mandating newborn screening for congenital heart disease. In two years these advocacy efforts have increased the number of newborns screened in the U.S. by more than 4000%.

Jim has also played a key role in reforming public safety programs for the evaluation of healthcare related technologies. He has testified twice before the Energy & Commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives on the regulation of future technologies and remains a trusted advisor to several Members of Congress and Senators on technology issues.

Jim is also former Senior Vice President for Public Policy for Horizon Government Affairs in Washington, D.C. where he led health information technology and medical device policy development across five diverse coalitions representing over 200 corporations and non-profit organizations.