Jodi Denton

Patient Advocate

Jodi Denton was born and raised in Livermore, CA. Some of her fondest memories are growing up in the Bay Area where her mom and dad provided a loving, warm and safe home. Her parents later moved to Oregon to be close to their grandchildren, and Jodi always considered where her mother lived “home”.  

Jodi now resides in Denver, CO where she works as a corporate event planner. Her career path started in politics during college where she worked as an intern at the White House and a congressional office, ultimately leading to a position on a Presidential campaign and inauguration. She has always had a strong interest in social causes and political issues. This was a passion that she and her mother very much shared.  

Jodi is most proud of the relationship she had with her mom, who she considered her best friend, her mentor, her rock. Jodi’s mother passed away unexpectedly in 2018 after suffering complications from a staph infection related to a defibrillator she had implanted 6 months before her death. Her mother was a strong, determined woman her entire life and overcame many odds throughout her life. Her fight continued during her illness where she endured seven weeks in the hospital, half of which were in the ICU. She never lost her will to live and her effort to fight this illness was present to all who treated her, one doctor even claiming he’s never seen anyone fight so hard and she was an inspiration to him. Throughout her illness Jodi and her mom would exchange the mantra “be brave.” Additionally, her mom would often say “this does not end here. Jodi honors her mother by living her life with courage and intention to keep her legacy alive, especially for her young grandchildren. She is honored to continue her fight to ensure that no family loses a loved one to preventable medical error.