Kaelie Marquez

Digital Coordinator Intern for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Kaelie has been working as a Content Creator Intern since earlier this year, and is now serving as the Digital Coordinator Intern. Kaelie is a recent graduate of Chapman University, CA with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Strategic and Corporate Communication. During this time, she has also chosen to continue her education at Chapman University for a Master’s of Science in Health and Strategic Communication. After developing more of an understanding towards patient advocacy and research during her studies, Kaelie took the opportunity to work in public relations and marketing for several local organizations. Once Kaelie discovered the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, she was immediately drawn towards their mission statement and believed in their motivations towards advocating for better treatment plans for all patients. It became apparent through her studies and previous internship with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, that there is hope in eliminating preventable deaths amongst hospitals nationwide.