Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD

Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, University Hospitals (UH), Northeast Ohio

Professor, Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Management Case Western Reserve University

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, is a world-renowned patient safety champion, physician executive, critical care physician, prolific researcher with more than 1000 peer-reviewed publications, innovator founding several technology companies, and thought leader informing U.S. and global health policy.

Dr. Pronovost’s transformative work leveraging checklists to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections has saved thousands of lives and earned him national acclaim. The life-saving intervention has been implemented across the U.S., and central line-associated infections that used to kill as many people as breast or prostate cancer have been reduced by 80 percent. In recognition of this innovation, his highest-profile accolades include being named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and receiving a coveted MacArthur Foundation “genius grant.” Dr. Pronovost also developed a checklist to make visible defects in value and deployed a management and accountability system to eliminate those defects, annual cost of care for Medicare patients by 21% over 2 years while improving quality form 73% to 100%. Today he is known as one of the most influential executives, and physician leaders in health care and one of the Top 25 innovators in healthcare.

Dr. Pronovost serves Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at University Hospitals (UH) in Northeast Ohio and Professor in schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Management Case Western Reserve University. He co-chairs with the deputy secretary of HHS, the Healthcare Quality Summit, an effort in response to a White House Executive Order to modernize and improve quality measures for HHS, VA, and DOD. He previously served as Johns Hopkins Medicine Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality and was the founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. He also served as the Senior Vice President for Clinical Strategy and the Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealthcare.

Dr. Pronovost was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2011, to the American Academy of Nursing, and has received multiple honorary degrees. He is an advisor to the World Health Organization’s World Alliance for Patient Safety and regularly addresses the U.S. Congress on patient safety issues. He is a founder of VisICU, a tele ICU company, and Doctella, a health information platform for quality of care and advises several healthcare technology companies.