Reverend Ridley Barron

Patient Advocate for Pediatric Adverse Drug Events

Ridley Barron is an author, internationally known speaker and tireless advocate for patient safety. He is also the Founder and President of Ridley Barron Ministries in Thompson Station, Tennessee. Carrying the power of personal experience, Ridley approaches the subject of Patient Safety as few can. His powerful message of hope, healing, and forgiveness empowers patients, families, clinicians and those impacted by adverse medical events. It leaves a lasting impression and offers challenging improvements in patient safety. Ridley’s story of hope has continued to have an impact with business executives, members of our military, healthcare workers and many families. The power of his story is evident by the number of people who have said it has changed their life forever. Ridley has shared his story, “Every 1/2 Second Counts,” in a variety of settings from coast to coast as well as in the words of his long awaited book, Twist of Faith.