Stephanie Ngo

Stephanie recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Public Health Policy and a minor in Sociology. During her undergraduate career, Stephanie has interned part-time with the Legal Aid Society of Orange County in the Health Consumer Action Unit, where she assisted underserved populations with Medicaid and Medicare issues. She has also worked with the American Cancer Society in the Mission Delivery department, minimizing issues revolved around cancer patient care, and strengtheninh programs that would help patients reach their cancer treatment sites. Through her various internships, Stephanie has realized her passion for public health and minimizing barriers that may lead to ill health, such as low access to healthcare. After hearing about the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a former intern and close friend, she was interested in getting involved to minimize the number of preventable deaths that occur each year.

After graduating, Stephanie plans on attending law school. She hopes to take what she learns and give back to vulnerable populations, continuing her work in healthcare with Medicaid and Medicare. She is excited to work with the Patient Safety Movement Team and apply her knowledge with such a fun, collaborative team!