Putting in 110% To Improve Patient Safety

Going Above and Beyond

Step 2: Going Above and Beyond

Level up and do more to improve patient safety.

After organizations “Commit to ZERO” they have the opportunity to demonstrate their superior leadership and commitment to advancing patient safety. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is proud to reward these organizations and provide additional opportunities for promotion within our network and beyond. 

Become an HRO Champion

We recognize extraordinarily transparent hospitals and healthcare organizations striving for safe and reliable care. Learn how you can take the next step to become an HRO Champion.

Become a Strategic Partner

After your organization has signed on to “Commit to ZERO” we welcome you to join as a formal Strategic Partner of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. Our Strategic Partners work alongside the PSMF team to identify joint patient safety-related projects to help achieve ZERO.

Sign the Open Data Pledge

The PSMF’s Open Data Pledge encourages medtech and healthcare technology companies to agree that they will share the data their products are purchased for, subject to all applicable privacy laws.