Going Above and Beyond

HRO Champion Program

HRO Champions

Hospital D’María
Hospital de Especialidades Pediatrico Leon
Hospital Español
Hospital Materno Infantil Irapuato
Hospital Puebla
Hospitales Star Médica
Hospitales Star Médica
Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Parrish Medical Center
Prashanth Hospital
Servicios Especializados en Nefrología Toluca SC (SENETO)
Medica MIA Operadora Hospitalaria S.A. de C.V.

The badge which HRO Champions proudly display on their website.

Extraordinarily Transparent Hospitals Striving for Safe and Reliable Care

We are looking to highlight exemplary hospitals that understand the value of transparency. You can be designated as HRO Champion (High Reliability Organization Champion) by reporting your adverse events and near-miss events once per year.

HRO Champions are announced every month. You can submit your data anytime throughout the year using your most recent reporting period. You will need to return annually to continue to be recognized as an HRO Champion every year.


Free Publicity

  • Digital and Print Materials to help you publicize your recognition and celebrate your achievements.
  • Digital HRO Champion Badge for you to share on your website, social media or even a billboard
  • Press release template
  • Social media announcement template
  • Commitment announcement at the 2022 World Patient Safety, Science, and Technology Summit if committed by February 1, 2022.

How to Become an HRO Champion

  1. Make a commitment to ZERO
  2. From your commitment portal on the PSMF’s community website, submit the following data annually:
    • Total number of adverse events
    • Total number of near misses
    • Total adjusted patient days
    • Your organization’s demographic and census data