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The Sustainer's Society

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The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) encourages you to make a monthly gift of any amount to join the Sustainer’s Society. The following people choose to give monthly to drive the Movement’s global impact.

Edwin Loftin
Jack Steiger
Joanna Nelson
Marilyn & Scott Bourn
Tor Youngquist
Barbara Coughlin

Thank you for your monthly donations to support our vision!


We were aware of the Patient Safety Movement from hearing about it from a good friend who is involved with the Movement. However, after attending your Unite For Safe Care virtual conference and hearing from the many speakers, we really saw how serious the issue is. We also attended a screening of Bleed Out by Steve Burrows, which told a compelling personal story.

These two experiences told us that we need grass-roots support for a movement like yours. We decided to give monthly because it was easy and it spreads out the cost. Also, each month when I see the charge, it reminds me of the work that you do and that we are helping out in even a small way. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Tor Youngquist and Barbara Coughlin