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We can't do it alone

First, we know that we cannot do this alone. The problem of preventable medical harm has been a topic of discussion for decades now, and despite an awful lot of work over the past 20 years, the needle hasn’t moved much. We need to work together, in step, to educate everyone who is a piece of the puzzle and create public demand for safe and reliable care.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation believes that the only solution is for every healthcare organization to become as highly reliable as other high-risk industries, such as aviation, nuclear power, oil, and gas. This will require a significant shift in care systems and processes, but we can look to the other industries that have prevailed and will follow suit. 

We categorize what we do into these three categories:


Forge Global Relationships, Partnerships and Collaboratives

We want everyone to join the Movement and there is no room for competition here. No matter what stakeholder group you represent, we want to work together. 

Develop and Disseminate Patient Safety Education

To make healthcare safer we educate governing bodies, healthcare professionals, students, patients, families, and the public. This includes our free Actionable Patient Safety Solutions™ (APSS™)

Create Public Demand for Safe and Reliable Care

We believe that the public plays an important role in demanding safe care. They can demand safe care by talking to legislators and by seeking care from healthcare organizations that prioritize patient safety.