What We Do

Create Demand for Safe and Reliable Care

Patients deserve safe and reliable care. Health workers deserve safe and reliable working environments.

It's not going to happen until the public demands it.

We have been talking about the problem of preventable medical harm for decades now, and despite an awful lot of work over the past 25 years, the needle hasn’t moved much. There are new reports saying that we’ve gone backward during the pandemic, excluding COVID-19 patients from the population.

At the PSMF, we believe that the only solution is for every healthcare organization to become as highly reliable as other high-risk industries, such as aviation, nuclear power, and oil and gas. This will require a significant shift in care systems and processes, which will be met with resistance by healthcare leaders, so it’s not going to happen until the public demands it.

Advocating for Legislative and Regulatory Change

Through our Patient Safety Moonshot™ we’re calling for three key things that we know will move the needle and improve patient safety. Transparency, payment reform and government oversight. 

Building Public Awareness

World Patient Safety Day is September 17th. Our #uniteforsafecare campaign’s goal is to bring awareness to this leading cause of patient harm globally. Learn how you can get involved.


We give a voice to patients and health workers who have experienced medical harm.

We share these stories because every ONE matters and ZERO harm is the only acceptable goal.

Enabling Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations to Lead by Example

Becoming safe and high-reliability is hard. We offer several opportunities for leaders to grow and to help lead by example.

Empowering Future Patient Safety Leaders

We invite future patient safety leaders into the Movement.

Recognizing Patient Safety Leaders

Every year we recognize exemplary people – young students and seasoned luminaries – for their contributions to advancing safe and reliable care.