Healthcare Safety Fellowship


The “Patient Safety Movement Foundation Healthcare Safety Fellowship” is an unpaid, 12-month, part-time (10-20 hours), remote program that focuses on developing lifelong global patient safety leaders from a variety of backgrounds, locations, and disciplines. Five fellows will be chosen each year to join this exciting, competitive program, which will prepare future leaders in patient safety by providing excellent, engaging learning experiences as well as the opportunity to cultivate strong networks and relationships that will last a lifetime. Fellows will be expected to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained through this program throughout their career, and to function as regional and global leaders in patient safety improvement for years to come. The first cohort of this exciting program will begin in August 2021.

Funding for this program has been provided by an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic Corporation.

Congratulations to our Fellowship Recipients!

PSMF leadership will work with each fellow to design an individualized education plan that is tailored to the background, goals, needs, and specific health context of the region represented by the fellow. Learning opportunities and creative experiences will be optimized to create a unique experience for each individual. The curriculum emphasizes a holistic focus on applied principles such as, but not limited to, developing highly reliable cultures, enhancing genuine person and patient-centeredness, measuring change, implementing patient safety solutions across the continuum of care, and facilitating performance improvement initiatives.

Fellows will have opportunities for interaction and collaboration with a global network of patient safety and quality leaders, will be invited to Irvine, CA for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s World Patient Safety, Science, and Technology Summit upon completion of their program, and will facilitate and lead clinical coaching efforts with hospitals and healthcare organizations across the globe.


Eligible candidates possess a graduate or postgraduate degree or equivalent, demonstrate a commitment to learning and to patient safety (as evidenced by previous research, experiences, or interprofessional collaboration), and are working professionals. Candidates should clearly articulate how they will improve their learning and networking, as well as how they intend to spread global improvement as future leaders.

Application Cycle

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Call for Mentors

The fellows are paired with mentors to help them develop improvement skills, grow their networks and engage in meaningful discussions to progress their careers in patient safety. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a mentor please fill out the interest form below to apply. Our goal is to create a mentor library so that as new fellows join the Healthcare Safety Fellowship we have a plethora of patient safety leaders across the world, across disciplines, and across different resource settings to pair the fellows with.