World Patient Safety Day

The #uniteforsafecare Campaign

Demanding Safe Care

For every patient, every time, across the world

World Patient Safety Day, observed annually on September 17th, aims to raise global awareness about patient safety and call for solidarity and united action by all countries and international partners to reduce patient harm.

  • Annually on September 17th
  • Raising awareness about unsafe care, patient safety, and medical error
  • Three million global citizens die preventably

Health care today is not safe.

We can and must change this!

Millions of patients are harmed and die due to unsafe care every year. We have a global vision of ZERO preventable harm and death by 2030. 

We invite you to “Unite for Safe Care.” Whether you are a patient, advocate, health worker or leader, or just a concerned citizen. Together we are working to ensure patient and health worker safety in every nation on earth.

Every day is World Patient Safety Day. Whether you’re reading this in January, June or November, you can take actions throughout the year to help improve patient safety.


Virtual Events

We have hosted two virtual events in 2020 and 2021 bringing global patient safety leaders, politicians, patients and family members affected by unsafe care, and entertainers together to rally around this important issue.

Satellite Events

We encourage other organizations to set up their own events aligned with World Patient Safety Day and the #uniteforsafecare campaign. Check out all the events that have taken place to date.

Patient, Family & Survivor Art Gallery

Art can be an extremely effective form of therapy that can foster healing and mental well-being. View our gallery and consider submitting your own artwork.

Take Action

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