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Learn about why you should download PatientAider®

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s first mobile application, PatientAider, can be a valuable source of medical information for you or your loved one’s hospital stay.

If you or someone you love is in the hospital or heading to the hospital soon, download PatientAider.


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Tailor your experience.

Whether you’re at home getting ready for a planned procedure or getting ready to bring a loved one home select the setting that fits today.

Dig into over 38 topics.

These topics empower you and equip you with medical knowledge
explained in layman’s terms that can help keep you or a loved one safe.

Watch videos.

We’ve found as many videos as possible to supplement our content to make it as engaging as possible to learn how to stay safe.

Now in Arabic, Chinese and Spanish!

PatientAider is now available in Arabic, Latin American Spanish, and Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese).

Thanks to the Saudi Patient Safety Center and Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club for translating it in your local languages.

Also available on iPad.

PatientAider can be viewed on the iPad as well.

And on your browser of choice.

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