Tools for Improving Safety in Healthcare Organizations

Patient Safety Speakers Coalition

Patient Safety Movement Foundation is proud to offer the Patient Safety Speakers Coalition where we pair patient advocates who have experienced a preventable medical error with a patient safety expert to educate students and the public about patient safety. This is a free service we are providing thanks to volunteers in our network who want to help educate future leaders in healthcare and engage future patients who can advocate for safe care. 

Educational Presentations for Students and Healthcare Professionals

The goal of the Patient Safety Speakers Coalition is to teach students about the importance of creating safe and reliable care for all. Presentations topics include: 

  • Patient Safety: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Vision of ZERO: How Healthcare Students and Professionals Can Impact Patient Safety
  • Leading for ZERO: Creating a Foundation for Safe and Reliable Care
  • An Introduction to Healthcare Performance Improvement and Project Management

Become a Speaker

We are looking to add new speakers, both patients and experts.

Educational Presentations for the Public

We also offer presentations geared to the general public to teach them the basics of patient safety as well as tips to stay safe. These presentations are appropriate for employers who want to educate their employees, clubs and community groups who are looking for speakers for an upcoming virtual gathering, and even religious groups. The presentations we currently offer to the public include: 

  • Patient Safety: Past, Present, and Future
  • Be Safe in the Hospital: Learn How
  • Family Caregivers: Caring for Yourself and Your Loved One

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is happy to provide this program free of charge as a way to raise awareness about patient safety and medical errors to the public and to help educate students and healthcare professionals about the ways they can take action to impact the healthcare system and make it safe. 

Providing this program virtually also helps to save the cost of flights and hotels for speakers saving everyone time and money.

Unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to select a speaker up front but we will communicate to you in advance who will be presenting to your class or your meeting well in advance.

No, speakers are not paid by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. We do not provide honorariums. We are grateful that patient/family members as well as patient experts volunteer their time to help educate students, healthcare professionals and the public.

The following are the learning outcomes for students and healthcare professionals:

  • Examine the outcomes of the past 20 years of global healthcare safety improvement efforts on patient harm
  • Recognize why patient safety is so important, and the impact preventable medical harm has on patients and families
  • Identify the typical patient safety gaps in most healthcare organizations
  • Summarize the actionable solutions that healthcare organizations can implement to create a foundation for safety and reliability
  • Demonstrate what you, as a student or healthcare professional, can do to improve patient safety

We recommend allotting one hour, if possible. This includes a 45 minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A. However, we can modify our presentation to specific needs if necessary. Please note when you fill out the request form if you need to shorten or lengthen the presentation to accommodate your meeting/class length.

Please submit your request at least a month in advance to ensure we have speakers available to fulfill your request.

You can submit a request with a video recording of yourself answering a few questions for us to evaluate. You can find more information here.