Tools for Improving Safety in Healthcare Organizations

The Shared Learning Network

Outcomes Worth Sharing

A Platform to Encourage Emulation

We’ve built the Shared Learning Network to encourage shared learning. This simple yet effective platform was designed for people to share promising patient safety outcomes – all over the world – with the hope that it fosters relationship, innovation, and results in the creation and sustainment of long-lasting change that will improve patient safety.

Click on an image below to explore posters submitted by individuals to the Shared Learning Network. Each poster will have the contact information for the person who submitted the poster listed. We highly encourage networking and collaboration!

Do You Have Great Patient Safety Outcomes to Share?

The virtual Shared Learning Network was created to provide an opportunity for patient safety professionals around the world to share their successes and learn from one another.

Submit an abstract to be considered for a poster presentation to share your work with our network!

Who Can Submit an Abstract for a Poster?

Anybody who has implemented a patient safety project that resulted in improved outcomes.

Examples include:

  • System-wide EHR standardization to support care coordination
  • Emergency department patient flow
  • Falls reduction campaign
  • Implicit bias training
  • Greater accessibility of nutrition programs for vulnerable community members
  • Reduction in readmission rate
  • Establishing an effective Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)
  • System culture change to improve adverse event transparency
  • State-wide sepsis general public awareness campaign