What We Do

Forge Global Relationships, Partnerships and Collaboratives

Urgently working together to improve patient safety

We can't do this alone

We forge global relationships, partnerships, and collaboratives to actively promote change for patient safety. We want everyone to join the Movement, and ask healthcare organizations and hospitals who provide care, as well as professional societies, universities, and healthcare companies who support the delivery of safe care, to make a formal, public commitment to ZERO harm. This commitment costs nothing, but speaks volumes to the world that we are all in this together.

Organizational relationships, partnerships and collaboratives

Hospitals and healthcare organizations and every other organization that works to advance patient safety can Commit to ZERO as the first step to improving patient safety.

Commit to ZERO

We need your help getting your organization to step up and “Commit to ZERO.” This is the first step we ask any entity to take before they can do more.

Our Network: Committed to ZERO

View the 180+ organizations across 26 countries who have joined the “Commit to ZERO” program.

Individual Relationships

Lead by Example

We want your help advancing patient safety. We have many opportunities for you to get involved no matter whether you just learned about patient safety and want to donate your time and talent as an unpaid intern, are seeking a graduate degree and looking for a student practicum site, or a seasoned veteran who has been working in patient safety for years – we invite you to become an Ambassador.

Student Practicum Opportunities

Students in graduate and doctoral healthcare programs seeking active, innovative engagement with our global organization to enhance their learning and project implementation.

Apply to Become an Ambassador

Our PSMF Ambassadors are passionate clinicians, administrators, patients, advocates, and others who are helping us to spread the word across the globe about what we can all do to improve patient safety.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways you can get involved. Learn what opportunities are available for you to donate your time and talent.

This includes unpaid internships.

Healthcare Safety Fellowship

Our PSMF Healthcare Safety Fellowship is preparing the next generation of leaders who will create the highly reliable systems of the future.