Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

This actionable evidence-based practice blueprint provides a checklist for clinicians to create an action plan to prevent pressure ulcers and ensure best patient care. This document is revised as needed to incorporate the latest best practices and gold standard of care. The e-book is available free of charge. © 2022 Patient Safety Movement Foundation.



The Challenge

Pressure ulcers are defined as damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by pressure, shear, excessive moisture, or friction. Severe pressure ulcers can cause pain and infection, contribute to longer hospital stays, and compromise the estimated recovery trajectory. Pressure ulcers impact 2.5 million patients in US hospitals each year, resulting in the deaths of approximately 60,000. Financial cost estimates in the US alone range from $9.1 to 11.6 billion annually. Yet despite the significant number of lives lost, studies have shown that only 9.7% of patients who were at risk for pressure ulcers received adequate preventive care. By implementing the evidence-based protocols outlined in this blueprint, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce injuries from pressure ulcers.