Patient Safety Alliance

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation and the following organizations share many core values and are aligned in our efforts to make improvements in the healthcare ecosystem. We address the most current challenges, develop practical strategies, and implement systemic changes for a safer healthcare system, and we agree with the following six shared values. This alliance and joint effort to amplify and empower our voices within the larger political conversation leverages our combined expertise, best practices, available technologies, and our collective compassion to bring about optimal patient outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to reach the state where:
  1. Care is safe, reliable, and equitable.
  2. Care is patient centered.
  3. Care utilizes evidence-based practices.
  4. Care and data are transparent.
  5. Care is value and quality based.
  6. Care protects the well-being of healthcare professionals.
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saudi patient safety center
saudi patient safety center
saudi patient safety center