Letter from the Chairman, April 2018

Dear Reader,

This month, I would like to emphasize the need for each person reading this newsletter to take action. Our goal as a Movement and a healthcare community is straightforward. We are working to achieve ZERO preventable deaths by 2020. To reach this goal, we need your help.

Our Objectives
Get Commitment Updates from All Hospitals: Each hospital that has made a commitment agreed when they joined the Movement to update their commitments annually. We believe if every hospital would have updated their commitment last year we could have reported over double the number of lives saved, over 200,000 per year across the world. If your hospital hasn’t updated their commitment, please take action today and let us know how you are doing!
Commit to Implement More Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS): Most hospitals within our network have only made commitments around 1 or 2 processes that when implemented can reduce unnecessary harm and death. In order to reach ZERO, we implore hospitals to make commitments around all 16 known solutions, which we call APSS, to get to zero preventable deaths.
Bring in The Rest of The Hospitals who haven’t joined yet: We need all hospital to step up and commit to implementing processes that can save lives. Get needed Open Data Pledges: While over 83 healthcare companies have made the pledge to share the data their products are purchased for, including patient monitoring and imaging companies, making up most of the patient monitors and imaging devices used throughout the world, we need infusion pump companies, EMR companies and laboratory instrumentation companies to join.
I ask that you review the list above and take action in any way that you can to help us reach these objectives.

Our Spotlight this month focuses on the rapid rise of unnecessary cesarean births throughout the globe. Please read our spotlight to learn more from the patient and the provider side. You’ll also get insight into the steps that one hospital system took to safely cut their cesarean rate in half and most importantly, you’ll learn about our new Actionable Patient Safety Solution on Reducing Unnecessary C-Sections. This new evidence-based APSS is in alignment with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Midwives and more, so there is no reason not to implement this important process.

With only 2 years left to reach ZERO preventable deaths, we ask you to join us in this life saving effort to save patients and families. We encourage you to stop looking to the people to your left and your right to make a change and consider that you have the ability to make the change within your system.

Joe Kiani
Founder and Chairman
Patient Safety Movement Foundation