Letter from the Chairman, February 2018

As we get ready to announce the progress the 3500+ committed partners and hospitals have made over the last 12 months at the 2018 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in just 22 days, I ask you all to keep up the momentum so we can meet our goals.

We can’t rely on someone on our left side or our right side to solve a problem as ubiquitous and as challenging as millions of preventable deaths per year. Each of you wouldn’t be reading this message if you didn’t care about the safety of patients; whether you’re a doctor or a nurse, CEO of a hospital or medtech company, engineer, government or someone who cares because they lost someone, we have to come together and put an end to it. Remember you have to be the one to get us there. If you don’t take a leadership role we won’t make it to ZERO.

One preventable death is one too many and our Spotlight this month is on Vonda Vaden Bates. Vonda turned her grief of losing her beloved husband, Charles Yogiraj Bates II, due to a preventable VTE, into a campaign to collaboratively create change at the systemic level in a way that protects patient safety while promoting a culture of openness and transparency.

There is much work to be done. We just have 2 years left and we need everyone to lead us to zero!

Joe Kiani
Founder and Chairman
Patient Safety Movement Foundation