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PSMF CEO Michael Ramsay Weighs in on the OIG Report for Adverse Events in Hospitals

In the month of October 2018, 25% of Medicare patients experienced harm during their hospital stay – for 43% of these patients, the harm events were preventable.

Patient Safety Movement Foundation Announces Winners of 2021 Humanitarian and Lewis Blackman Awards

IRVINE, Calif. – The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF), a global non-profit committed to achieving zero preventable patient deaths by…

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation Admonishes the Criminalization of Medical Errors

First and foremost, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends…

Event Brings Together Key Industry Leaders and Healthcare Organizations to Confront Leading Patient Safety Issues

IRVINE, CALIF. (April 4, 2022) – The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) will host the 8th annual World Patient Safety…

The War in Ukraine and its Impact on their Health Systems

These last weeks have reminded us of the fragility of peace and safety. It is not that we are unaware of the turbulent lives that many across our world experience in places like Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria.

In the Pandemic, Racism in Medicine Jeopardizes Patient Safety

In March of 2020, Chimére Smith, then a 37-year-old middle school teacher in Baltimore, went to see her doctor about a sore throat, dizziness, shortness of breath and gastrointestinal issues.

Healthcare Can Learn From The Nuclear Power Industry

The following provides the perspective of someone with more than five decades working with nuclear power, and is intended to…

Why Value Capture Chose to Invest in the Patient Safety Movement

People seek healthcare every day to better their conditions, but medical errors may result in unforeseen and even fatal outcomes….

Patient Safety Movement Encourages Action during Patient Safety Awareness Week | March 13-19

Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) kicks off here in the United States on March 13th. In the words of our…

Action on patient safety will help achieve the health care system we deserve

The United States spends more on health care than any country in the world, but it has made almost no…

Donor Appreciation Interview with Tor Youngquist

Pictured here L-R are PSMF supporters: Steve Burrows, Marty Hatlie, Margo Burrows, Marda Kornhaber, Barbara Coughlin, Chuck Holland and Tor…

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June 1, 2023 - June 2, 2023

10th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

The 10-year anniversary marks professionals like you making a significant difference in eliminating preventable medical errors.