Edoardo de Robertis, MD, PhD

President European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care - ESAIC

Edoardo De Robertis is Professor of Anaesthesiology at the University of Perugia where he coordinates the Division of Anaesthesia, Analgesia, and Intensive Care, is director of the Residency Program and School in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain and of the clinical section of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.
He is President of the European Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (ESAIC) for the two years term 2022-23.
Prof. Edoardo De Robertis graduated with honor in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he completed his anaesthesiology residency. At the University of Lund, Sweden he received the Ph.D.
Leader of a research group at the University Federico II and more recently at the University of Perugia, Prof. De Robertis has been involved in the planning, management and coordination of experimental studies in complex animal models and clinical studies on mechanical ventilation. An innovative system of ventilation aimed at the reduction of airway dead space (ASPIDS) was developed.
Prof. De Robertis has been actively involved in numerous collaboration and research projects with European partners and in the drafting of guidelines of the European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA/IC). He coordinated for Italy the ESA multicentric study PROVHILO and the ESICM consensus study WELPICUS.
Prof. De Robertis has focused his research activity on mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients and on the management of peri-operative massive bleeding, with particular attention to postpartum haemorrhage. He is also interested in the pre-operative evaluation of the obstetric patient, and in the management of neuromuscular block in pelvic laparoscopic surgery.