Jamie Thomas King

Patient Advocate, Actor and Artist

Ambassador, BabyLifeline
Founder, The Benjamin King Foundation

Jamie Thomas King is an English-American artist, actor and writer. He studied painting at Fine Arts College in London and acting at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Since graduating in 2002, Jamie has performed at the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and on London’s West End. He has entertained international film and television audiences in “The Tudors,” “Mad Men” and “Mr. Turner,” to name a few. Throughout his acting career, Jamie has never been too far from his painting studio and has frequently undertaken private commissions. His creative process has always been driven by a fundamental sense of awe and curiosity for life. This has led him on an even deeper spiritual journey. He has meditated daily for over 20 years and studied many different styles of yoga and other healing modalities. Jamie believes in the transcendent power of art and storytelling to connect people and elevate the human experience. Following the tragic and preventable death of his youngest son Benjamin in 2016, Jamie has been propelled into the world of patient safety. He is using his voice to raise awareness about the issues surrounding medical negligence, safety guidelines and the disturbing trends of litigation culture within the healthcare system. He is currently writing a feature film based on the life of patient-safety advocate, James Titcombe. Jamie lives in Toronto with his wife Tamara Podemski, their son Oliver and their two dogs.