Dariush Eghbali

Iranian Artist & Humanitarian of Founder of Ayeneh Foundation

Dariush’s crusades in the world of art and social activism, as an Iranian artist as well as a humanitarian, have echoed the intimate connection between what is and what should be for over four decades. But his greatest impact lies with the millions of ordinary individuals whose lives he has touched and transformed, many of whom have been inspired by him to try to make the world a better place. His art with a purpose coupled with a passionate belief in the importance of civil liberties and political and human rights has made him an international symbol of a free Iran. By establishing Ayeneh Foundation & Media, an educational nonprofit, he has been empowering communities worldwide with education, awareness, and prevention with regard to such social maladies as the international disease of addiction, the plight of the children of labor, and refugees, and domestic violence among others. He has been an advocate for the establishment of a Health Triangle, consisting of a complementary collaboration between nonprofits, media, and people in an attempt to tackle society’s needs for healing. He has been a messenger of love and compassion to those around the world thriving to make a difference.