Adam Kidd

Adam Kidd

My son Adam had a heart of gold and a close bond with God. He was 36 years old and had suffered so much in the last 4 years. It all started when he cut off his right big toe saving a puppy from going under a riding lawn mower. He had severe pain for years after that. Then 2 years later he contracted double pneumonia and nearly died. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) We had to carry him down the stairs and at 400 pounds, it took 4 of us but we did it with love.

He pulled through from that and half a year later he contracted necrotizing fasciitis in the crease of his right leg. (Sepsis and Necrotizing Fasciitis) Again he nearly died and had major surgery which took a year and a half to recover from, during which time the hospital messed up his PICC line and sent him home with a DVT, and again we had to airlift him to the hospital to save his life. He recovered from all that and was so happy to be finally healed. Then he started having groin pain and we took him to the local hospital where they wouldn’t tell us anything. They rushed him to a larger hospital where they pumped him on a ventilator and massive antibiotics. They took him to a separate room when my wife left for a moment to call home. When she came back he was acting very strange and we found out that they told him they couldn’t do anything more for him and that he was dying. He told my wife he wanted to die at home.

As we were bringing him home, he was talking out of his head one minute then ok the next. We still didn’t know he had sepsis. Shortly after getting home, he lost use of his legs. We made him a bed on the couch and I stayed up with him all night till 8 pm. My wife came and checked on him at 8:15 pm and prayed for him. She went to the bathroom and I fell asleep as he was resting peacefully finally. Then I heard my wife scream his name and said he was dead. I jumped up and tried CPR to no avail. When the ambulance came they told us he died of sepsis, which we didn’t even know he had! He was a beautiful human being who didn’t deserve what happened to him. He lost his baby brother Daniel in a car accident 5 years prior and he kept our family together. We miss them both so very much! I HATE SEPSIS!

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